How repair bathroom tile?

Dig out the old grout from between the tiles with a utility knife. Insert the knife between the tiles and cut from top to bottom and left to right. Depending on the width of the grout joints, you may have to make cuts next to each tile and then pull out the center of the grout. The blade should cut directly through the old grout; when you stop cutting easily, replace the blade.

Break and remove any cracked, chipped or broken tile. Hold a chisel in the center of the tiles at an angle of 45 degrees and hit it firmly with a hammer to break the tile. Take out the loose parts and carefully chisel any remaining mortar from behind the tile, advises Home Tips. Place the new tiles in place.

Apply fine mortar to the back of the tiles, using a margin trowel. Press the tiles firmly into place on the wall. Allow the mortar to cure for 24 hours. Grout the entire contour at once by spreading grout between the tiles, using a grout float.

Hold the float at a 45-degree angle to the tiles and extend it from various directions to help pack the grout in place, indicates This Old House. Seals the edges and corners of the shower frame. Spread a layer of putty around the perimeter of each tile wall and apply it so that it is in place with your finger. Allow the putty to dry for 24 hours.

Acrylic silicone putty is the best option for repairing cracks in porcelain stoneware. Silicone adheres well to porcelain, and acrylic makes it possible to paint the putty after it dries. Replacing tiles requires a little more grease on the elbows Clean the area with bleach, tile cleaner or dish soap and remove the grout. Be sure to wear safety goggles before using a grout saw to remove grout.

Use adhesive paint tape to frame the damaged tile, which will protect nearby tiles without defects. Then loosen the tile by drilling four holes to make it easier to get the parts out. Art Fricke is a home renovation and repair specialist and owner of Art Tile %26 Renovation based in Austin, Texas.

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