How much value does a remodeled bathroom add to your home?

If you're wondering, “Does bathroom remodeling increase the value of the home? the answer is yes. Home improvement projects of all types and sizes increase the value of your home. However, the exact amount may vary depending on the project and the amount of money you invest. Some projects offer little return on investment (ROI), while others can provide a lot of benefits for your money.

A mid-range remodel is the only type of cost universally designed bathroom remodel surveyed in the report, but it offers the highest performance of any bathroom remodeling project. Value Report, yields from mid-range and high-end bathroom renovations are, for the most part, increasing. It's also vital to consider typical homebuyers in your area when deciding between a bedroom renovation or a new bathroom. As a homeowner, you may need to decide between upgrading an existing bathroom or adding a new bathroom to the house, or you might be wondering if it's worth adding a bathroom in the first place.

And on a scale of one to ten, NAR reports that the joy score of a bathroom renovation is 9.6, both for homeowners who hire a professional to do their remodel and for those who undertake the project on their own. Generally speaking, a bathroom renovation or addition could generate twice as much return on investment as a new room. As with mid-range projects, the cost of luxury bathroom renovations has been rising over the years. Mid-range domestic bathroom remodeling projects recovered 72.5% of remodeling costs, while new bathroom additions added 60.1% of remodeling costs to the total property value.

However, this is not always the case; for example, if your house has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a third bedroom could add more value than a bathroom renovation. A homeowner should never make the mistake of thinking that all bathroom renovations will add value to their home or that they will see a healthy return on their investment regardless of the materials used or the changes made. What this tells us is that there is more to be gained from renovating a bathroom than just an increase in the price of a house. Here are the 5 bathroom renovation projects that stretch your money further, both by themselves and together with each other.

Whether you're planning a full bathroom remodeling project, a new addition, or a cosmetic upgrade, the bathroom is one of the most efficient ways to recover your investment. On average, remodeling a bathroom could increase home values by 66% of what is spent on renovation. A vital consideration is if there are bathrooms on every level of the house; if you finished the basement, for example, but didn't add a bathroom in that space, consider installing a sink.

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