Does hulu have home renovation shows?

If you've been wanting to see something simple and stimulating during your hectic life, you're in luck. Hulu has a huge selection of HGTV shows waiting for you to watch them. Whether you use home renovation programs as a source of inspiration while working in your own living space or you just like to make fun of ridiculous couples looking for homes, you're ready. These are the best, most addictive, and most comforting HGTV shows you can stream right now.

So when you're looking for something to watch for hours on end while you fold your clothes, watch these seven shows. But don't waste time on the annoying Flip or Flop or the lacklustre spin-offs of Property Brothers. But married couple Ben and Erin Napier are as serious as they help new families move to their small hometown of Laurel, Mississippi, that you can't help but feel warm to them. Her fondness for money-saving DIY tricks and Erin's striking design help make the show more than a cheeky impersonator of Fixer Upper.

HGTV shows make many of us wish we could buy a repair top and turn it into the house of our dreams, but its best series make it more relatable by educating the audience. Drew and Jonathan Scott are perhaps HGTV's most accessible personalities, not only renovating homes, but actively convincing their customers that a cheaper, imperfect repairer is better than something bright and ready to move in. From choosing lamps to learning the right way to lift laminate countertops, the series is full of helpful tips, plus satisfying before-and-after shots. If you're looking for inspiration for your next DIY project or enjoy watching home renovation programs, we've put together some gems that are sure to put you in the mood to remodel your home.

There is something inherently comforting about renovating the house, as long as you don't pay the bill. Full of inspiration, easy-to-follow DIY projects and lots of charm, these home renovation shows are sure to spark curiosity and encourage you to undertake some projects of your own to transform your home into the space you've always dreamed of. Couple Ben and Erin Napier help local families, couples and young adults in Laurel, Mississippi, revitalize and renovate their turn-of-the-century homes. European tickets Escape to the Chateau and The Great House Revival, the new school series Selling Sunset and Full Bloom, even a series by organizing expert Marie Kondo, there is no shortage of house changing shows, home renovation and interior decoration to broadcast.

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