Do you need a permit to replace flooring nyc?

The New York City Department of Buildings does not require a permit to paint, plaster, install mills, and install floors. But keep in mind that the building still needs to approve the work and, apart from painting, it cannot be done by an unlicensed contractor. Generally speaking, a DOB permit is not required for “cosmetic or surface enhancements”. This includes painting, wallpapering, and resurfacing the floor.

The question is often asked, “when is it not necessary to submit plans and get a permit. Although it is not a clear topic, the Building Code and RCNY 101-14 address this issue. As the list of Minor Alterations was not clear, the Construction Department issued an RCNY 101-14, which clarifies exactly what is exempt from filing. New York renovation projects, such as bathroom remodeling, require a permit to change the plumbing location.

But don't worry about some New York City renovation projects, such as painting, replacing bathroom fixtures, installing shelving, etc. Although some renovations can be done without a permit, it is recommended to consult with a licensed professional and building management to discern if they are needed permits for renewal. However, some New York City renovation projects, such as painting, installing shelving, replacing bathroom fixtures, generally do not require a permit.

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