Can you use toilet during bathroom renovation?

Don't take out the bathroom until you need it. We also replaced it a little more than six hours later. If you can help it, keep it (especially if it's the only one). Ultimately, you only need to take it out when you're working on the ground.

In addition, select a toilet that fits correctly into the allocated space. Each state, Rameaux says, requires a 15-inch gap between a toilet and whatever is next to it, measured from the center of the toilet base. Does the toilet drawer hit the toilet when you open it or can't it stand between the toilet and the shower? This means that the space is too tight. Options include moving the toilet, getting a smaller toilet, or changing the vanity to something that allows for the required space.

Embrace the process and take lots of beforehand and work-in-progress photos. Keep your eyes on the awardthat dream bathroom, the updates you've been wanting for years, the features that will make the selling price of the house higher. Remember during all this dust and through all the delays why you're doing this. Moving a toilet isn't a simple weekend DIY job, but it's very feasible when you involve professionals.

Once the toilet is removed, your plumber will have to move the drain as well as the water supply to fit the new location. This will involve access to the floor and wall and, as mentioned above, may require access on the level below the bathroom. Knowing what affects the cost during a bathroom renovation will allow you to better align your budget and avoid surprises. Of course, the inconvenience of renovating a bathroom depends on how many of them you have in the house.

The best way to survive a bathroom renovation is to plan weeks in advance how you will keep the flow of daily life as normal as possible. Working with contractors and construction professionals who are licensed and experienced in your particular type of bathroom renovation minimizes the risk of these issues. If your bathroom door matches the style of the other interior doors in your house, reusing it is an easy way to ensure that the new bathroom feels as if it belonged to the house even after you completely modernize the space. Lifestyle changes, growing families and poor condition are just some of the reasons why people decide to renovate their bathrooms.

If you're uncomfortable with the idea of renting a standard portable potty in your home as a temporary toilet, talk to the general contractor about setting up other temporary toilet ideas, including a worker-only installation, such as a small temporary toilet trailer with sinks, urinals, and toilets. One of the biggest mistakes that owners of several bathrooms make is that the whole family changes to another bathroom in the house. You have a fair amount of options for deciding what to spend on the material aspects of renovating a bathroom. While Rameaux says he understands the appeal of sleek looking bathroom faucets, it's a mistake to select your bathroom faucets based on appearance alone.

Installation is the final stage of incorporating all the bathroom renovation materials you have purchased. Bathroom renovation is a sure way to add value to your home, along with a sense of satisfaction to your daily routine.

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