Bathroom renovation where to start?

How to remodel a bathroom in 7 stepsRemove bathroom accessories. Install the new shower or bathtub. When it comes to bathroom renovation, you can save yourself a lot of cleaning time and mistakes by doing the work in a particular sequence. It's important to ask any potential contractor for photographs of previously completed bathroom renovations.

The price can range from “a few thousand dollars to fix an existing bathroom to six figures for a gut renovation of a high-end master bathroom,” says Dan DiClerico of HomeAdvisor. If you still don't know how much you want to spend on renovating your bathroom, you should think of an idea. Of course, how much you spend on renovating your bathroom ultimately depends on your personal tastes and budget. Whether you're moving into your home or preparing to put it on the market, remodeling or renovating your bathroom can have a significant advantage.

Go down the Pinterest burrow, get bathroom design ideas and find inspiration to help you determine what your top priorities are for your bathroom, then turn those ideas into a streamlined wish list. In addition to standard faucets and drawer handles and shower heads, there are also devices that can be added to enhance a bathroom without completely renovating it. When creating your bathroom remodel checklist, think about these considerations before you start making sure your bathroom is everything you imagined it could be.

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