Are there any decorating shows on netflix?

Presented for the first time at the BBC and presented by the much-loved Fearne Cotton, comes Interior Design Masters, a classic competition setup in which 10 aspiring designers take on the challenge of winning a coveted, life-changing design contract. Home improvement programs are the fuel of our cleaning fire and thankfully Netflix is packed with shows that will take you back to the days of ordering with Marie Kondo. Nothing inspires us more than seeing a home renovation show, and with the renovation of Dream Home Makeover and Get Organize With The Home Edit, we couldn't be more excited about what awaits us. From simple arrangements to big revisions, home design series are inspiring and tremendously entertaining.

By Victoria Edel 11 hours ago By Njera Perkins 12 hours ago By Victoria Edel 15 hours ago By Kate Schweitzer 15 hours ago By Njera Perkins 1 day ago By Taylor Andrews 1 day ago. Are you looking for that special surprise factor for your home? Let Amazing Interiors take you through some of the most interesting and special interiors, as it shows houses with ordinary exteriors but with a memorable interior design. Many of the houses had twice as many part-time museums in basements, garages or bunkers that would otherwise not be used. From the supercave for sports fans to a medieval dining room, this show highlights some of the most unique custom interiors in the entire country.

Watch Amazing Interiors on Netflix for details. See The American Barbecue Showdown on Netflix for episode details. Both seasons of Abstract are absolutely gorgeous, but you should pay special attention to the interior design episode with the legendary Ilse Crawford. As the editor of Elle Decoration turned designer, her signature style boils down to choosing pieces that feel good, not just look good (what good is a desk chair if you can't sit comfortably in it all day?).

His work, which has been presented everywhere from The Soho House to Michelin-starred restaurants, always feels lively and welcoming. Crawford will inspire you to get rid of your rickety bar stools and pull out your softest blankets. If you have a whimsical taste, Amazing Interiors is for you. The sample shows houses that look quite ordinary on the outside, but extravagant on the inside.

There are roller coasters, indoor aquariums and secret dressing tables. If you're looking for inspiration that deviates from crown molding choices or a simple paint job, you're sure to find some fun ideas here. The stunning scenery really takes the show in this British design competition. You'll see contestants adorning the interiors of 17th century cottages, seaside villas, Victorian terraces and more.

Each episode focuses on three different designers, so you'll get an in-depth look at how each unique space comes together. In addition, you will receive small architecture lessons from host Tom Dyckhoff. Keep in mind that The Apartment is a great drama. This bizarre show enlists novice designers (or if you're watching season 4, C-list celebrities) to design and decorate a different room each week.

The prizes are generous (think penthouses or large sums of money) and the judges are hilarious. I admit that contestants aren't exactly skilled decorators, but crises are a lot of fun to watch. Whether you're designing your home, kinky renovations, home improvement, interior design, or just snooping around other people's homes, we've got you covered with our full (and highly unofficial) ranking of the best home design shows on Netflix. First of all, this is the perfect show if you are interested in architecture and travel.

It's the perfect way to start your home design marathon with a little inspiration. Each episode features a top-down exploration of four extraordinary homes around the world. The unique angle of this show is that the architect is interviewed, together with the owner. Therefore, you can take a look at the jungle houses of famous filmmakers and the homes of lonely designers by the sea.

Piers Taylor (architect) and Caroline Quentin (comedian) present the show, and it's really a pleasure to see them explore and delight in each new space. This is definitely one of Netflix's best home design shows. Similar to Interior Design Masters, this show pits budding interior designers against each other to win a major design contract. But there's a fun addition to your challenge.

In each episode, each designer is surprised at the last minute with an object that they must recycle and incorporate into their schemes. Like The Great British Bake Off, it is a pleasure to see the contestants help and encourage each other while under great stress. Judges Sophie Robinson and Daniel Hopwood hit the perfect tone that balances mentoring with tough love. Another one that is easy to watch and shout out, we highly recommend this series as one of Netflix's best home design shows.

Recap premiered the second season last year two years after the first season aired. Let's hope it's not the last. Speaking of less clutter, this program boils down to the fundamentals of design and function. What is necessary in your life and if fewer things in your life leave you better? This documentary on minimalism covers all areas of life.

It's time to revive an old soul. Shea reinvents the attic of a converted barn from 1851 as a new family room. But historic houses can hold surprises. Out the linoleum, enter with the charm.

Shea updates the kitchen of a historic house from 1908 while preserving the cheerful character of a young family. . .

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